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A small town located on the shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, hundreds of indigenous women make their living by selling traditional woven and beaded goods. Check out our products below.

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This is Josefa

Artisan and mother of 2

Josefa is an indigenous Guatemalan artisan from the small village of Santiago, located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. She is a talented, but humble beader, who uses her craft to earn an income to support herself and her family.  Josefa first learned how to bead many years ago.  Now as a mother of two, she continues to bead and earn money to ensure that her two children, stay in school and always have something to eat.   Josefa used to sell her beaded items to shops on the main street in the village of Panajachel.  She received extremely low and unfair prices for her work, but was left with no other option. In 2015, Josefa enrolled in the Artisan Program at Mayan Families, and has been an active participant ever since.  She has had consistent work and has seen her quality of life and her economic independence improve significantly; she currently makes more than twice as much monthly income as she made when she was selling her items on the street.   Josefa  loves to bead, and is very ambitious; she is always looking for new projects and opportunities.  Her wish is to receive a large order so that she and other women in her community can continue to work and prosper.

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